H33rsay: Online retailer lists Mass Effect Trilogy for PS4 and Xbox One

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Mass Effect 3 Screenshot 2

Would you re-play the entire Mass Effect trilogy on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One? If you haven’t yet played these classics, would you wait for remastered versions of the games?

If you answered yes to either question, then you’ll be interested to hear that an online retailer based in Chile, Zmart Games, has listed the Mass Effect Trilogy for release on Xbox One and PlayStation 4. No release dates were attached to the listings, but you can see both displayed on the site with the screengrab below:


Retailers have a long history of revealing games well ahead of when publishers and developers are ready to officially announce them, and given the current and extended gap between releases of Mass Effect games (the next one is only expected some time in 2015) and a shockingly empty release schedule for EA in 2014, a remastered Mass Effect Trilogy makes a lot of sense.

We previously saw the Mass Effect Trilogy on PlayStation 3, Xbox One and PC towards the end of 2012 following the release of Mass Effect 3 nearer the beginning of the year, which gave a lot of people a chance to catch up in one easy to access bundle.

Did you pick up the original release of the trilogy? Would you play these games again on PS4 and Xbox One if they looked noticeably better and featured other improvements, too?

Source: Joystiq and NeoGAF

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