Grounded DLC for The Last of Us is out next week

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The world got a whole host of details for the third and final downloadable content for The Last of Us recently, but sadly all without a release date. When can we expect the upcoming Grounded DLC? According to Naughty Dog, very soon.

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Naughty Dog announced on the studio’s Twitter account that the multiplayer and singleplayer focussed Grounded DLC for The Last of Us will be out on May 5th, which is only next week, bringing with it a new solo gameplay mode as well as new multiplayer maps, weapons and skills.

Get the full details on Grounded with screenshots and more information over here.

Will you be picking up the Grounded DLC for The Last of Us next week? Are you still playing Last of Us multiplayer?

Or are you looking forward to the PlayStation 4 version of The Last of Us instead?

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