DriveClub release date expected “in the weeks to come,” team “immensely proud” of the game

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We can expect a DriveClub release date in the next few weeks, according to a post on the game’s official Facebook page, with more videos and details to come soon, too.


Originally expected to launch in time for the release of the PlayStation 4 in November 2013, DriveClub from Sony and Evolution Studios remains the console’s highest profile racing game to compete with the likes of Forza 5 on Xbox One. Unfortunately the game was delayed to sometime in 2014 with reports doing the rounds that the developer had gone “back to the drawing board” as key figures from the team departed.

Speculation has continued to swirl around the expected release date for DriveClub and the game’s place in the PS4′s line-up this year, and we’ve finally got an official word on new details to come – here’s the full statement from Sony and Evolution:

“We know you want news about DriveClub. We are going to bring you up to speed with a full ‪DriveClub update soon, because we are immensely proud of how the game is developing and we’re confident you’ll see why when we show you more.

“We are also really grateful for your ongoing support and enthusiasm. Your comments, tweets and emails are a huge source of motivation for the team and you keep us fired up and working hard to achieve our ambitions for the game.

“Expect an official release date, full game details and new videos in the weeks to come. We’ll be here to take questions and to chat to you too, so share a message with us and keep following for more updates. We’re looking forward to showing you more!”

When do you think DriveClub will be out? Do you think there’s a chance it’ll slip into 2015?

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Source: DriveClub on Facebook

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