Killzone: Shadow Fall patch 1.14 now available, adds new controller configuration

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Guerrilla Games has deployed a new patch for its PS4 launch title Killzone: Shadow Fall. Title update 1.14 weighs in at just over 1GB and introduces a number of new features including a new controller configuration based on community suggestions as well as the ability to switch factions in multiplayer in the case of unbalanced teams. After installing the patch you’ll also notice that motion blur has been dialled back when running or sprinting in multiplayer.

Here are the patch notes in full:

Rework Combat Log

  • The combat log is visible when players kill each other on the left side of the screen. Prior to the patch the combat log showed your name briefly, now your frag will stay on top of the combat log.

Reduced Blur in MP

  • There was feedback from the community that the motion blur in the game is a bit too noticeable when running/sprinting in the game. This has been fixed now.

Reduce challenge requirements

  • A few of the challenges have been made a bit easier to achieve with the new patch. A number of the requirements have been reduced – you can see the list in the link here

Allow players to switch faction in MP in case of unbalanced teams

  • In the game, press options and select the option switch faction (this is only available when the teams are unbalanced).

Added new controller configuration

  • In the options menu go to Controller with R1. The new control scheme is called Community Scheme 01 and it is based on your suggestions. It includes: Crouch is now R3 (was circle); Cover is now R3 (was circle); Sliding is now R3 (was circle); All Melees are now circle (was R3)

Multiple tweaks and bug fixes

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