El33t’s Pre-W33kend Post: A long weekend of Birthdays, game plays and zombie decays

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South Africa will be indulging in another long weekend (this time only three days long) thanks to Freedom Day on Sunday, April 27th (which means a carry-over onto Monday), so we’ve got yet more chances to catch up with the games, movies, books, relaxation and other activities we’ve been missing out on lately.

What do members of El33tonline have planned for the weekend? What games are you keen to dive into again over the next few days? Let’s find out together with the latest Pre-W33kend Post…

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“My wife and I have been fighting boomerang flu this week so I think we’ll use the long weekend to recover and try our best to be at 100% by Tuesday.

I’ve got some documentaries lined up to watch this weekend and I believe the Sharks are playing tonight so that will be fun to see. I’ve also been enjoying all the IPL action despite it being early days in the competition.

There’s a new entry in the Etrian Odyssey series for me to review so I’ll have a look at that over the break and I’ve also got Injustice: Gods Among Us to play on PS4.

Have a great weekend p33ps and catch you all on the flipside!”

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“This weekend could not have come soon enough!

After a harrowing Easter week/end with my son in ICU and almost facing the unthinkable, it’s great to have the family together again. He’s full of beans and keeping us alert so I think this weekend is time to enjoy with family from out of town and our kids.

Monday is a bonus day, Oltman’s birthday, and Walking Dead or Alive Island Rising co-op time with Russell, Oltman, and Brent (the original and authentic Achievement Grind Champion). I can’t wait to get to this long weekend!”

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“It is w33kend time and it is another nice long w33kend. I will be gaming till my fingers bl33d. I need to make up for some lost time.

Tonight I will getting back into Battlefield 4 and then the rest of the w33kend will be filled with me sitting in a dark room, play a very scary game. If I need a break, then I will play some Trials Fusion.

Sunday I will continue the above mentioned plan and maybe add washing the car, so that I don’t go insane (oops too late). Then Monday morning will be fill with some web swinging action at Imax with my buddy Smuroh. Then it is mostly writing reviews and playing some more games.

There will also be some slight eating of things… not sure what yet. There is a guarantee there will be Creme Soda. Have a awesome and safe w33kend.

Tip for the W33kend: Never look back at what might be creeping up. Just RUN!”



“This weekend is going to be good. My boys and I are going to have lots of fun playing Lego the Movie Videogame and I’ll put in a bit of time on XCom and Fifa 14 (either that or the new release road to the World Cup – Brazil).

On Sunday I introduce my new girlfriend to my parents. And Monday – I am doing a Dead Island co-op with various individuals (Bryan and Olt you may have heard of).

Apart from that there is much relaxation to be had, rugby to be watched and food to be noshed (healthy food – not like last weekend).

Have a good one everybody.”


What games and activities do you have planned for the weekend everybody?