Is Evolve an eSport? Shoutcaster injects uninvited energy into multiplayer overview video

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Is Evolve in the running to become a popular eSport?

That’s the question I had running through my mind while watching this latest multiplayer overview trailer for Turtle Rock’s upcoming multiplayer shooter.

Pitting four players against a single behemoth of a monster (controlled by another player) while navigating the dangers of a harsh alien world, publisher 2K Games seems to be trying to promote Evolve as a highly competitive multiplayer game suitable to be viewed by a wide audience.

Is Evolve suitable to be played as an eSport, though?


According to PAX East 2014 attendees, 2K Games dominated a not-insignificant portion of the convention centre to showcase Evolve to passers-by, with shoutcasters on-hand to walk viewers through the matches taking place on the floor. Can Evolve be pigeon-holed into a traditional eSport category, similar to Call of Duty, or is this some kind of new competition that 2K Games will try to popularise, with professional teams of four players and professional ‘Goliath’ players rising to the fore?

Whatever the case, Evolve continues to look very interesting with the game’s special brand of asymmetrical gameplay – watch (and listen) below as Aaron ‘Ayesee’ Chambers shoutcasts the match and Chris Ashton (co-founder and design director at Turtle Rock Studios) talks about the design of the game:

Is Evolve an eSport? Multiplayer Overview Video Makes a Case

Evolve is out in 2014 exclusively on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC – check out El33tonline’s previous coverage for screenshots and another in-game look at what’s shaping up to be an exciting multiplayer game.

An eSport, though? Doubtful…

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