Surprisingly, GRID Autosport will only come to PS4 and Xbox One “in time”

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After a quick round of teasing, Codemasters yesterday confirmed that the racing game studio was currently hard at work on its next title, GRID Autosport, which is surprisingly due out in only two short months with a release date of June 27th.

Also somewhat surprisingly (to me at least) was the announcement of the game’s platforms: PC, Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3. I was fairly convinced that Codemasters would want to strut its stuff on the new generation of consoles and push the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One to the limit to make a solid case for the racing genre with advanced physics models, detailed tracks and photo realistic motors.

The team, it seems, is full of surprises.


Taking to NeoGAF following the announcement of GRID Autosport, Codemasters community manager ‘CodiesLoore’ confirmed that the PC is the lead development platform for the game but stopped short of confirming that we can expect PS4 and Xbox One versions of the racer in time for the Xbox 360 and PS3 releases in June.

Those new generation editions of GRID Autosport “will come in time,” the developer said, continuing on to say that “we’re not going to rush that and get a game that can only run at 720/30 or something similar, next gen has to look and feel like ‘next gen’ for us.”

“[We] genuinely want our first next gen outing to be something really great, we don’t want to have to rush and only put out a handful of tracks,” CodiesLoore wrote. “We’ve got 22 locations in Autosport, the bulk of those are real world circuits, would all those have made it if we were to support next gen? Doubtful.”

The developer pledged that Codemasters is working on technology for PS4 and Xbox One, but “we’re not quite ready. Again, we don’t want to rush.” CodiesLoore also wrote that the team “sort of had something to prove” after the release of GRID 2 and “wanted to leave the ‘old gen’ with a bit of a bang so to speak.”

Method in the GRID Autosport Madness

It’s still surprising to me that Codemasters not only left the announcement of GRID Autosport until two months before launch and that this launch won’t incorporate the PS4 and Xbox One, but keeping in mind the troubles that developers on Need For Speed: Rivals, Battlefield 4 and Call of Duty: Ghosts went through to get their games out at the same time on all platforms, perhaps Codemasters’ approach is the most level-headed.

Would you rather wait to see what Codemasters can do with new generation consoles without the older consoles holding back the team’s technological innovations, or play their next racer on older hardware sooner?

Watch the debut trailer for GRID Autosport with a smattering of announcement screenshots over here.

Source: NeoGAF

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