Sony’s zombie survival game H1Z1 is not DayZ, but it is similar says SOE president

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With the recent announcement of Sony Online Entertainment’s zombie survival game, H1Z1, comparisons were immediately drawn to the similarly themed DayZ.

According to SOE president John Smedley, while some of these comparisons are accurate there’s a lot that his team is putting into their massively multiplayer online game that simply isn’t possible in the game from Dean Hall and Bohemia Interactive.


Following the broadcast of a planned H1Z1 stream in an early phase of development (which apparently “didn’t go quite as planned,”) Smedley appeared on Reddit to write about some of the features of the game and to clear the air regarding apparent inspirations taken from DayZ

By Smedley’s own admission, H1Z1 has “crafting, building” and “survival aspects,” all of which can be seen in games from Minecraft and DayZ, to Rust, Terraria Starbound and Starforge – nothing new there. After answering a few commonly asked questions, Smedly wrote:

“[H1Z1] is a survival in a Zombie Apocalypse game,” Smedly wrote on Reddit recently. “So is Day Z. [Bohemia Interactive] have made a brilliant game (first I might add). They have a great vision for it and can count myself and most of the people on our team as fans and contributors.”

Smedley continued:

“We’re making the game we’re making. Long term we plan on making this about a persistent world with a big landscape with thousands of players. The way we would like to see this roll out is much more like players building small enclaves or pockets of territory and hold out against a legitimate zombie threat that’s ever present while others go it alone taking their chances.. These player built structures, forts and towns are one of the ways the players try to carve out some small space in a dangerous world.

“We also want to make sure we have a deep in-game economy that is heavily dependent on crafting. Players will be able to become manufacturers.. sell bullets, arrows.. etc. The in-game economy will be entirely player driven.

“So this is our take on the Zombie Apocalypse with a lot of friends and hopefully some great enemies both living and dead. We’re proud to be up front and say we love Day Z and the job they’ve done and we hope they enjoy what we make too.”

The goal, says Smedley, is to make H1Z1 “fun, accessible, hard core and super, super deep. As time goes on we hope our take on the end of the world by zombie is fun and lots of people get to try it.”

Will you be giving H1Z1 a try when it hits Steam Early Access on PC, and later on PlayStation 4? Or does DayZ give you everything you need from a post-apocalypse zombie survival game?

Source: John Smedley on Reddit

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