Legendary Halo composer Marty O’Donnell forced out of Bungie

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If you’ve ever enjoyed the melodies of past Bungie games like Halo, Myth and Oni, or you’ve liked what you’ve heard so far when watching trailers for Destiny, you’ve got composer Marty O’Donnell to thank for these games’ thoughtful musical soundscapes.

After well over a decade with Bungie, however, O’Donnell has been removed from the studio by the company’s board of directors “without cause.”


Up until late last week, O’Donnell remained one of Bungie’s longest serving members, considered a ‘Grizzled Ancient’ in the company’s informal hierarchy alongside studio co-founder Jason Jones and, until recently, Joe Staten, who parted ways with Bungie in late 2013 and landed at Microsoft Studios earlier this year.

More recently, however, O’Donnell sent out a tweet writing simply:

On Bungie’s site, and in response, the team wrote

There are those who said this day would never come…

For more than a decade, Marty O’Donnell filled our worlds with unforgettable sounds and soundtracks, and left an indelible mark on our fans. Today, as friends, we say goodbye. We know that wherever his journey takes him, he will always have a bright and hopeful future.

We wish him luck in all his future endeavors.

From all the interviews and behind-the-scenes videos released featuring Marty O’Donnell, he’s always seemed like an absolute asset to Bungie, having once been cursed by Jason Jones for composing music that far outweighed the contributions made by the rest of the entire team to games like Halo.

We look forward to whatever O’Donnell has planned for the future.

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