The heroes, villains and race courses of Batman: Arkham Knight glimpsed in latest screenshots

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The eventual reveal of Batman: Arkham Knight in early March brought with it news of Rocksteady’s third and final contribution to the long-running ‘Arkham’ series of Batman games, including the fact that Arkham Knight will be a next-gen only game with a chance to finally drive the Batmobile in a more open city.


What we’ve heard about the role that the Batmobile plays in the game sounds terrific so far and works much like the horses of Darksiders in the way the Dark Knight’s particular mode of transportation can be ‘summoned’ almost at will – if you find yourself leaping down to the streets of Gotham, you’ll be able to have your chariot meet you where you land.

The Batmobile will also be used in challenges like race courses set up by one of the game’s villains, The Riddler, one of which can be glimpsed in the latest screenshots for Batman: Arkham Knight below.

Note: The screens below comprise new screenshots, higher resolution grabs from the debut trailer and a couple pieces of artwork at the end:

Batman: Arkham Knight Screenshots

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Batman: Arkham Knight is out later in 2014 with bets being placed on the series’ regular October launch window, exclusively on Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC.

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