Game changer? Vlambeer sells Nuclear Throne on Twitch

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You’ve heard about Nuclear Throne, haven’t you?

The action oriented ‘roguelike-like’ that sends you into a pixelated post-apocalyptic and radioactive wasteland? The game where you’ll use every life you’re given to fight off countless mutants and hope to pick up useful (randomly assigned) weapons and equipment to make your battle for survival easier (or at the very least, more enjoyable)? That Nuclear Throne?

If you’re still lost, then you can watch the game’s most recent trailers to get up to speed:

Nuclear Throne – PAX East Trailer

Still in development at Vlambeer (Luftrausers, Ridiculous Fishing and Super Crate Box), Nuclear Throne is currently available on Steam Early Access as well as through the Humble game service, but starting this week you’re also able to buy the game through online broadcasting service Twitch.

Vlambeer currently livestreams playthroughs and development work via Twitch on Tuesday and Thursday of every week at the team’s channel, which you can subscribe to for $12.99 letting you chat during what Vlambeer calls “subscriber-only mode.”

If you choose to buy Nuclear Throne through Twitch, however, you’ll get a subscription to the team’s Twitch channel as well as special Twitch emoticons. You’ll also of course get the game itself, downloadable via Steam Early Access.


“Twitch offers a substantial developer program with a robust API:,” a Twitch spokesperson said. “In the case of Vlambeer, they decided to use Twitch Connect functionality in a very interesting and innovative way. They are automatically identifying subscribers and offering them access to the game as part of the Vlambeer Twitch channel subscriber benefits.”

This initiative is being run by Vlambeer – not Twitch – which says that 60 percent of sales will go directly to the developer, which is lower than the 70 percent that Steam affords them so it’s likely that Vlambeer is working to lower the barrier to buying Nuclear Throne with more options, and extra benefits included, too.

Who among you have started playing Nuclear Throne via Early Access on Steam? Are you excited about the newly announced two-player co-operative mode?

The game is also planned for release on PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4 and PS Vita, but it’s currently limited to PC players.

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