El33t’s Pre-W33kend Post: Things to do on a long weekend

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South Africa will be enjoying a nice, long, four-day weekend starting tomorrow, April 18th, which lasts all the way until the very end of April 21st, meaning we’ve got plenty of time to catch up on some games, movies, reading and anything else that we might have been short of over the last few weeks. Yes, like sleep.

What, pray tell, are a few examples of relaxing pastimes that the El33tonline team will be indulging in over the next four days? Let’s find out…

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“I’m looking forward to family time, church, relaxing, and munching on a few chocolate eggs this weekend. Of course there will also be time spent with the new maps and modes in Plants vs Zombies: Garden Warfare, and hopefully even new adventures in LEGO: The Hobbit. Have a very happy Easter p33ps, and happy gaming!”



“I was looking forward to a great long weekend filled with family, friends, rugby and spiritual oneness. Most of that has gone out the window and whatever enthusiasm I had has wilted with the trauma of my son being rushed into E.R. and then into ICU. Things seem to have stabilised somewhat; Arthur is still in ICU and they have confirmed he has pneumonia but they also are testing for other things just to be sure there’s nothing else.

Without knowing the full diagnosis and prognosis yet, it may be a very long weekend for all the wrong reasons – only time will tell.

At least on a somewhat positive note, my personal experience has enhanced my spiritual appreciation and understanding of the most important spiritual weekend of the year for me. Being helpless to protect my son is a very sobering and humbling moment which most parents I’m sure can relate to.”


“The Durban sun has decided to show itself at the perfect time as we head into the long weekend. I haven’t got too much happening over the break apart from visiting some friends and family and of course playing some games (Demon Gaze and The Sly Trilogy are on the menu).

There’s also a Sharks game to watch as well as the ever-entertaining IPL. I might also catch a few documentaries and movies if there’s enough spare time.

I know a lot of people have been sick and are ill at the moment so my thoughts and prayers are with you and your loved ones if you’re one of the affected/infected.

Hope you all have a great Easter break p33ps!”



“Is it w33kend time already? Wow, this is amazing. This is going to be one awesome w33kend.

Sadly not much gaming for me, except on my phone and tablet. I am going away for the weekend with my family. But tonight I will be testing out my new gaming PC to the max.

I will also do my best not to devour too many chocolate bunnies or eggs this w33kend. But who can say no to awesome chocolate, right?

Have a great Easter w33kend everyone and stay safe on the roads if you are travelling.”

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“Ok – apart from wishing Bryan all the best with his current issues my weekend is pretty simple.

There will be time with the boys, easter eggs, movies and games. And the occasional rugby match. Delving in Ninja Gaiden, XBox and Lego Movie.

Oh – Saturday morning, 9:00am is Piggly Wiggly Board Games times. Come on over if you’re keen.”



“Friends and family? Gaming and good food? Whatever could the weekend hold?

Who knows, but I’ll be happy to see it when I get there – have a great weekend everybody!”

El33tonline Mystery

What do you all have planned for the next four days?

Any game or movie marathons scheduled? Is this finally the weekend when you’ll conquer a game that’s been taunting you for too long? What’s at the top of the pile for you?

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