Call of Duty Ghosts Snoop Dogg voice pack arrives later this month

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When you’re playing your favourite multiplayer shooter and notice the dry delivery of the game’s announcer as you’re kept in the loop about incoming dangers, completed challenges or equipment pick-ups, do you ever long for something a little more… y’know, hip and ‘hood?

If you’ve been dreaming of hearing a hip hop superstar chat to you while you play Call of Duty: Ghosts, for example, then you’ll be very pleased to hear about Snoop Dogg’s involvement with Infinity Ward’s latest shooter.


When it’s available starting April 22nd on Xbox 360 and Xbox One (for a nominal fee of $3), the Snoop Dogg voice pack will replace Call of Duty: Ghosts’ regular match announcer voice with the kinds of quips and vocal stylings you would expect from the rapper, delivered with the understated flair only Dee Oh Double Gee can provide – here’s a sampling:

Call of Duty Ghosts Snoop Dogg Voice Pack Preview

On the same day that the Snoop Dogg voice pack is released, you’ll be able to purchase the ‘Soap Legend’ personalisation pack for $4, as well as the ‘Blunt Force’ pack for $2.

What do you think of Activision’s latest Call of Duty monetisation efforts to bring players more and better ways to customise their online personas with personalisation packs? Have you bought any of the previously released packs for Ghosts or Black Ops 2?

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