Alien Isolation’s retro future is a chunky, VCR-inspired nightmare

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It’s already been well established that the next first-person game centred around the rich Alien universe will be a terrifying excursion – a far cry from the action-oriented antics we’ve played through in previous games set in this historied franchise.


For one thing, there will only be a single, solitary Xenomporph to contend with in Alien: Isolation – a creature that will actively hunt you down as you ramble through the flickering and empty hallways of a gigantic space station.

We’ve previously seen (or heard) how sound will play an important role in the horror of the game, but how will Alien Isolation‘s retro future inform how you in turn are able to detect this overwhelming threat? How have the developers at Creative Assembly ensured that the low-fi sci-fi aesthetic of the original Alien film is carried through to their game, influencing gameplay in the process?

Watch the latest developer diary to see the chunky designs and VCR-inspired nightmares we can expect in October:

Alien Isolation’s Retro Future – Low-fi Sci-Fi Trailer

Alien: Isolation is out on October 7th across Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC. Don’t miss El33tonline’s current and continued coverage of the first-person survival horror game for more details.

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