Conception II launch trailer accompanies European release window announcement

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Digital distribution has given the localisation of Japanese games a shot in the arm in recent times and new 3DS and PS Vita release Conception II: Children of the Seven Stars is a great example of this. Although the game is available as a physical release in North America, Atlus is publishing this quirky JRPG exclusively on the Nintendo eShop and PlayStation Store in European territories. The company recently revealed that the game will land in PAL territories sometime during May, with a demo also confirmed for release at a similar time.

Conception II follows in Persona 3 and 4’s footsteps by blending high school life and relationships with dungeon crawling – although the game gives new meaning to “classmates” by allowing you to father offspring with seven different Disciples who can create thirty classes of Star Children between them (who in turn lend you their power in battle).

The game was released in North America yesterday and as you would expect Atlus unveiled a launch trailer that helps unravel Conception II’s curious plot and gameplay setup. Take a look below:

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