H1Z1 panoramic screenshot unearthed on official site

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One of the major new game announcements last week was for Sony Online Entertainment’s new post-apocalyptic MMO called H1Z1 currently in development for PC and PS4. A handful of screens were unveiled to go along with the announcement, and now some enterprising Redditors have unearthed a new panoramic screenshot for the game by following a link on H1Z1’s official website which was hidden in a Morse code message spelled out by a blinking light on the homepage. Impressive detective work indeed!

Here’s the panoramic screen showcasing the vast scope of H1Z1’s environments as well as one of the vehicles you can use to traverse the game’s inhospitable open world:


H1Z1 is due out on PC later this year, with a PS4 port also in development. Stay tuned to El33tonline for more news about this free-to-play zombie survival MMO as it breaks.

Source: VG247

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