El33t’s Pre-W33kend Post: Luckily, games are at the end of this loop-de-loop

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On the verge of the commencement of the latest W33kend(tm), members of the El33tonline team all have one thing in common: After an extended ride on the roller-coaster of life, we all have at least a few games waiting for us at the end of the last loop-de-loop…

… and here… we… gooooo!

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“This week has really flown by so I’ll be hoping that time can slow down for a bit and thus give me a chance to appreciate my weekend. I don’t have too many plans at the moment but I’m keen to set some time aside to watch that Dota 2 documentary Free to Play and catch the Sharks versus Lions game.

I also have a curious PS Vita dungeon crawler called Demon Gaze to review and I’d like to complete some more of those Paper Trail missions in inFamous: Second Son.

Hope everyone has a cracking weekend!”

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“Well weekend time again. Yay.

Tomorrow I am of to Shongweni market to celebrate a birthday and am then spending the day slobbing around. I’ll pick up the future super heroes for Dad’s night and then spend a good time with them on Sunday. There will be rugby watching, xbox playing, tv watching, bike riding, food eating goodness for a good 2 days.

Games that will be played are… Ninja Gaiden, XCom (love that game) and I am hoping to get BF4 on the move again tonight – been a bit slack in that regard.

Hope everyone has a good one.”

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“Miracle! I am healed! I am so feeling well that I shall celebrate with ample gusto!

I have rugby to watch, a wedding to attend (which comes with copious quantities of food), and then a return to my thespian heart with an Easter drama on Sunday. I’m thinking this is a busy weekend!

One thing to look forward to once the compulsory activities are done is a nice slouch in front of the console on Sunday night where I can squeeze in some QT with my Xbox and – who knows – maybe some zombie mashing with Oltman?”

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“After a very upside-down week, I am so happy it is w33kend time again. It is going to be all about fun, fun and more fun.

Tonight I will see if I still have my skills in Battlefield 4 and then maybe fill the rest of the evening with some Warface.

Tomorrow I will play some Wolf Among Us Episode 3 and then play the new game I have for review called MXGP: The Official Motocross Video Game. So looking forward to that. Then I will fill the rest of my gaming w33kend with some Diablo 3 Reaper of Souls and some Dead Space 3 Co-op.

Other activities will involve some family time and washing of my car (which is really dirty at the moment). Have a great w33kend everyone and enjoy every second of it. See you online.”

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“My adventures in The Elder Scrolls Online continue this weekend, but if I grow weary of running through the game’s vast world completing quests for tuppence in return, I can always retreat to the carnage of Broforce or the peculiar delights of Viscera: Cleanup Detail. Is Broken Age in my future? I might just have to put that one away until part two is out, hopefully soon…

Have a good weekend everyone – that’s an order, it comes straight from the top!”


What have you got planned for the weekend, everybody? Any gaming plans you’re interested in following through on? Which games are you hoping to finish up or start this weekend?