Brief Disney Infinity 2.0 trailer teases Marvel superheroes

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Both the official Marvel Twitter account and the account held by Disney Infinity have sent out teaserly tweets that point to the inclusion of superheroes from the Marvel universe in Disney Infinity 2.0 … despite the fact that such a game hasn’t yet been announced.


In both tweets from Marvel and Disney Infinity, a link to a brief Disney Infinity 2.0 trailer are included with the text: “Get ready to Assemble. The possibilities are… infinite.”

In the trailer, Captain America’s iconic shield is seen bouncing around an environment while characters from other Disney properties (currently included in Disney Infinity) go about their business. The video wraps up with the text “Bring On the Super Heroes,” while the video itself is titled “Get Ready to Assemble,” alluding to The Avengers.

What is Disney Infinity 2.0? Is this simply a new revision of toys for the current version of Disney Infinity or an all-new sequel? We hope to find out more soon, because Disney Interactive is currently keeping quiet on the matter.

Watch the Disney Infinity 2.0 trailer below and let us know what you think about the potential of a new game in in the series:

Disney Infinity 2.0 Trailer

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