Xbox One exclusive indie game Below announced for PC with latest trailer

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Previously announced as an Xbox One exclusive game and in-development at independent studio Capy (Sword & Sorcery EP, Critter Crunch), Below has today been revealed as a PC game, too, with the release of a brand new and mystical trailer for the open-world action adventure game.

Watch to the end to see our adventurer unveil a Steam logo under the light of a flickering torch:

Below – Xbox One and PC Trailer

According to the latest issue of Edge magazine, Below is now being self-published on Xbox One under the ID@Xbox programme and is no longer being published by Microsoft.

What do you think of the trend of indie developers releasing their games as a console exclusive title, with availability on PC as well?

Does this practice reduce the importance of the exclusivity, and are PC gamers losing an argument for their platform of choice as titles that were once firmly in their domain are now more widely available on console? Is there any argument that can be made against this trend, or is this only a good thing for indie developers?

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