The Wolf Among Us Episode 4 trailer tailgates Telltale’s latest release

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The third episode of The Wolf Among Us only just released earlier this week (and isn’t even available in certain regions), but as has become standard a teaser trailer for the fourth episode in Bigby Wolf’s adventures is available, alluding to what we can expect in the forthcoming entry to Telltale Game’s excellent series.

Depending on your aversion to spoilers and whatnot you should probably avoid the video below, but if you’ve already been fortunate enough to play The Wolf Among Us: Episode 3 then you might want to raise the intrigue with this Wolf Among Us Episode 4 trailer:

The Wolf Among Us Episode 4 Trailer

You can read over our thoughts on The Wolf Among Us: Episode 1 and Episode 2 before we post up a full review of Episode 3 (when it becomes available in South Africa, in any case).

What have you thought of the series so far?

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