The enormous Batman XE suit revealed in Arkham Origins’ DLC overview video

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Starting April 22nd across digital platforms on PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 and PC, owners of Batman: Arkham Origins will be able to pick up the game’s story-based downloadable content, ‘Cold, Cold Heart,’ where we’ll be able to discover the origin story of Mr. Freeze, Batman’s icebound and villainous arch-rival, while visiting a variety of locations in Gotham City, including Wayne Manor.

What equipment will we have to take on this new mission?


In a brand new video we get to see the enormous Batman XE suit which comes standard with new abilities and tools to take advantage of (and overcome) the vast stores of ice we’ll encounter throughout the DLC.

New gadgets (like Thermal Gloves and Thermocharged Batarangs) and the ‘Batman Extreme Environment (XE)’ suit will be available to use, no doubt to deal with the decidedly chilled environments the Dark Knight will need to traverse in the DLC that Warner says adds “several hours of all-new content.”

Watch below as members of the Warner Montreal team discuss these new gadgets and abilities, with plenty of gameplay footage to give you a better idea of what you can expect in the new content:

Batman: Arkham Origins – ‘Cold, Cold Heart’ Gameplay Overview

Are you still playing Batman: Arkham Origins and the game’s multiplayer? Will this new DLC bring you back if you’ve long since put the disc away?


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