Persona 4 out next week on the US PlayStation Store

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Earlier this week it was revealed that Persona 4 is headed to the US PlayStation Store as a PS2 Classic after the ESRB rated the game for PlayStation 3. Now Atlus has confirmed that the PS2 version of Persona 4 will indeed be making its way to PSN on April 8th. Interestingly, the publisher notes that this date is just three days before Persona 4’s main character Yu Narukami transfers to Yasogami High School so early adopters will be able to sync their calendars with the date-related events that transpire in the game.

The PSN version of Persona 4 doesn’t have a price tag as yet but is likely to cost in the region of $9.99 if its PS2 Classic counterpart Persona 3 FES is anything to go on.

Persona 4 was originally released in 2008 and helped to solidify the Persona series as one of the all-time great JRPGs after Persona 3 put the franchise on the map by adding the incredibly compelling Social Link gameplay component.

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