El33t’s Pre-W33kend Post: Like flies

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“We were so close. After a long, hard-fought battle to the end, we had almost reached the magical paradise spoken of in the prophecies and tomes of old. We were so close…

… But then? Tragedy.

All of a sudden, one by one, we fell. One by one, we began to drop… like flies…”

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“Will you look at that. It is w33kend time again. I just ‘Noah’ it is going to be a good one. OK, lame jokes aside. This is going to be a fun w33kend.

Tonight it is all about Battlefield 4 and maybe some Warface. Saturday I will be taking my little girl to the movies and then the afternoon I will be watching Noah in IMAX. So looking forward to that. Then I will have a braai with family and then play some more games like Warface, Diablo III Reaper of Souls. I might even play some other games just to test out this monster of a gaming keyboard I am reviewing.

Sunday it is going to be a mellow day with some gaming and F1 racing. I will also attempt some Tap the Coin again between gaming sessions. Have an awesome w33kend everyone and enjoy every second. See you online.”



“This weekend was looking so promising for an extended period of fun with my wife and kids (I had a full babysitting day ahead on Saturday) and gaming in the evening, but I suddenly have fallen ill and all I feel like doing is sleeping…”



“Illness seems to be a common theme amongst friends and family this week and sadly I’ve been one of the ones to take an arrow to the knee after being assailed by a couple of pesky viruses.

Thankfully I received a new meds drop this morning and will be hoping the antibiotics kick in and make the weekend a lot more pleasant than this week has been. If my eye infection clears up I’m keen to pick up where I left off in Final Fantasy X | X-2 HD Remaster and I’d also like to make a bit more progress in Dead Nation: Apocalypse Edition.

The Sharks have a bye this week but there’s still some sporting goodness to be had later today when South Africa take on India in the World Cup T20 semi-final. Go Proteas!”



“My hope of getting back around to playing the first part of Broken Age continues this weekend, along with wishes to jump back into a titan. Elder Scrolls Online awaits me, though, and after creating a character and getting through the starting area, there’s a massive journey to come. At least I got to meet John Cleese.”


What are you fellows and fellowettes up to this weekend? Any games you’re particularly looking forward to jumping into?