Brainteaser Thursday: Guess the Game for April 3rd

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It is time for our favourite online challenge, and this is no April’s fool joke! But first let us have a look at the answers to last week’s Guess the Game challenge:

– 1.) Earthworm Jim 3D – 1999
– 2.) World in Conflict – 2007
– 3.) Gangland – 2004
– 4.) Tomb Raider: The Angel of Darkness – 2003
– Bonus Game.) Dead Space – 2008

Game Trivia:

Here is the World in Conflict benchmark video – the meter on the side is the framerate:

It is now time to see this week’s challenge – can you Guess the Game?

Guess the Game for April 3rd

Game 1:

My good buddy Smuroh told me to check out this game. I had a look at it and wish I could have played it back in the day:


Game 2:

This was such a cool post-apocalyptic racer. I remember I played this game during my Grade 11 exams, it helped with the stress:


Game 3:

This game is still a classic to me. I actually looked at the cartridge of this game the other day, it was so awesome:


Game 4:

This is still considered a fan favorite in the series. You could modify and change anything and everything on your car. I still would like to see this in a modern graphics engine:


Bonus Game:

This sound is considered a classic. It isn’t a sound from a game, but the sound of one of the most iconic start up screens of a number of games (check your volume):

Do you remember any of these games? Share your memories if you have them, we would love to hear them! Good Luck.