Bigby lets loose in a mysterious Wolf Among Us Episode 3 launch trailer

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Following on from the Wolf Among Us Episode 3 launch trailer yesterday, Telltale Games has announced that the game will become available starting April 8th on PC and Mac, and then on April 9th on PlayStation 3 in North America, followed by a release on the European PlayStation Store as well as on Xbox 360 and iOS.

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Still lacking a solid date and following on from the slightly underwhelming second episode of the series, The Wolf Among Us: Episode 3 seems to be due for release very soon if this launch trailer for the game is anything to go by.

The Wolf Among Us Screenshot 2

Titled ‘A Crooked Mile, Episode 3 of The Wolf Among Us will continue to lead players down an incredibly intriguing mystery that’s unravelling in Fabletown – it’s up to sheriff Bigby Wolf to get to the bottom of it using traditional, and not so traditional, methods of investigation. Watch the Wolf Among Us Episode 3 launch trailer below and let us know if you’ve been keeping up with the series so far.

Spoiler Warning: This trailer contains severe spoilers for the first two parts of The Wolf Among Us – you have been warned:

The Wolf Among Us – Episode 3 Launch Trailer

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