Mind Zero dated for PS Vita, debut trailer introduces a colourful cast of characters

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In February Aksys Games announced that it will publish the Japanese RPG Mind Zero on PS Vita this spring. The company has now pinned down an exact release date for Mind Zero, revealing that this supernatural dungeon-crawler will be out via digital and retail channels on May 27th in North America and via the PlayStation Store on May 28th in European territories.

Mind Zero revolves around a high school student named Kei whose life is forever altered when he forms a contract with a powerful weapon known as a ‘Mind’ who lends him its strength and abilities. The game combines a visual novel presentation with first-person dungeon crawling and third-person turn-based battles which bear more than a passing resemblance to those seen in the Persona series.

Here’s the debut English trailer for this intriguing blend of genres:

Will you be picking up Mind Zero when it launches in late May? Let us know in the comments.

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