Witness glorious Goat Simulator nonsense with a Dead Island inspired launch trailer

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Announced last month as a real game that you can actually buy on PC after the concept was brought to life during a game development experiment, the release of Goat Simulator from Coffee Stain Studios is almost upon us.


Goat Simulator is out on April 1st (fitting) and will launch at a pre-order price of $9.99 both through Coffee Stain and Steam – you can get the game three days early if you pre-order. But what is Goat Simulator?

To put it simply, Goat Simulator is… a game… where you interact with other objects… in an open-world… where stuff happens… it’s all powered by physics… there’s a goat…

… maybe just watch the amazing launch trailer to witness glorious Goat Simulator nonsense for yourself, inspired by the incredible award winning ‘rewind’ announcement trailer for Dead Island:

Goat Simulator – Launch Trailer

Honesty Time: Who amongst you will be pre-ordering Goat Simulator or buying it on day one?

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