El33t’s Pre-W33kend Post: There are games to be played and oxtail stew to be made (with dumplings, too)

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It’s almost time for the weekend again, and wouldn’t you know it? There are tons of new games to be played across all platforms and genres, and South Africa will be able to enjoy another great sporting weekend with cricket, rugby and soccer/football action to look forward to. According to Pieter, at least, there’s also some oxtail stew to be had…

Read through the various and varied activities that members of El33tonline have planned for the weekend in the latest Pre-W33kend Post, and be sure to let us know what you might have on the cards – which games will you be playing, and will dumplings be involved?

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“It is finally w33kend. Time for some fun and games. Well, more having fun while playing games – games I will be playing this w33kend include Diablo III: Reaper of Souls, Battlefield 4 and some more Tap the Coin.

Saturday I will be spending the day at uShaka with my family. Going to be super fun. Then in the evening me and my dad along with my buddy Smuroh will be watching Captain America Winter Soldier in Imax.

Sunday will be relaxed with some gaming and F1. There will be some Oxtail Stew with Dumplings, too, I’ve been craving that for four weeks now. There will be some hidden surprises during the w33kend, so keep an eye on my Twitter feed.

Have an awesome w33kend p33ps, see you all online and game on. Stay Safe, remember to save regularly.”



“This weekend I’ll be heading to the beach to ride some waves and then watching the Proteas take on England in a must-win game in the World Cup T20 tournament. Later in the day the Sharks take on the Waratahs so I’m looking forward to catching that game too!

There’s also Final Fantasy X | X-2 HD Remaster to review so I’ll be taking a trip down memory lane when I boot that up since I played both of those games all the way through back in the day on PS2.

Have yourselves an awesome weekend p33ps!”



“Saturday is all about family time – I’ll be looking after the boys and might even take them to see the LEGO Movie – we’ll see. Sunday is working and Dead Island co-op (if Bryan ever gets his butt in gear). Games that will be played: XCOM, LEGO The Movie

Hope everyone has a fantastic weekend, be excellent to each other.”



“I am returning from an intensive week of Ranger training in Cape Town so I look forward to seeing my lovely family again when I land tonight (flying on a Bombardier!) and then crashing in bed, sleeping until my kids wake me up, and then doing some general catch-up on Saturday.

Sunday is Dead Island co-op time with some buddies (long awaited) and then back to the grind on Monday again!”

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“I’ve been trying to invest some time in a small collection of impressive and intriguing PlayStation Network games this past week, all while Titanfall continues to call me back to its unique brand of action online, with other PC games I’m hoping to try out and complete soon like Broken Age, Betrayer, Nuclear Throne and many, many more.

Having a PC that can play new and intensive games is still new to me (I left that life behind in the early 2000s) so I’m enjoying pushing my rig to the limits and seeing all of the great stuff that’s out there.

Other than that, I hope to catch up with some friends at some point this weekend and I’m rooting for South Africa (cricket) and Sharks (rugby) to pull through. I hope y’all have a fantastic weekend, enjoy it!”


What have you got planned for the weekend, p33ps?