Devil’s Third will be revealed in 2014, Tomonobu Itagaki confirms with new logo

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It’s almost too painful to think about at this point, but the gist of the tragic tale behind Devil’s Third goes a little something like this:

After outspoken creative director Tomonobu Itagaki (Ninja Gaiden, Dead or Alive) announced a promising third-person action game by the name of Devil’s Third back in 2010, complete with a debut in-game trailer, we’ve heard very little about the title and seen even less from developer Valhalla Game Studios after the team’s publishing deal with THQ fell through following the publisher’s continued financial troubles and eventual collapse.

In 2013, Itagaki promised that Devil’s Third would release in 2014, saying at the time that the game was “about 80% complete” and that the end was in sight with “a little more polishing that needs to be done.” More recently, Itagaki posted the game’s ‘new’ logo on Facebook, which you can see below, accompanied by a re-confirmation that Devil’s Third will be revealed in 2014:


“As already announced,” Itagaki wrote, “we’ll finally reveal ‘Devil’s Third’ this year! You can see that we’ve upgraded our title logo. I wanted to go for the metallic feeling of the Breitling that I love so much. But I don’t really wanna tell you exactly why, sorry…”

The post immediately set minds racing back to statements by Microsoft’s Phil Spencer who said that a “unique exclusive title for Xbox One is going to be released by an awesome Japanese studio,” with more news on the game to be revealed this year. Is this mystery game Devil’s Third? Given Itagaki’s staunch support of the Xbox and Xbox 360 in the past, this partnership would make a lot of sense.

It’ll be exciting to finally see Itagaki’s vision for the future of action games with Devil’s Third later this year, no matter the platform.

Source: Tomonobu Itagaki on Facebook

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