Brainteaser Thursday: Guess the Game for March 27th

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Today is one of those weird days – is it Friday or Thursday? Well all I know is, it is Guess The Game day! The game where we challenge you to name the games and share your memories, too!

Last time was said to be way too easy, but maybe it was just because you’re all a clever bunch of gamers? Here are the answers to the last Guess the Game challenge:

– 1. South Park (1999)
– 2. Adventure Island 3 (1992)
– 3. Spartan X (1984)
– 4. Battle City (1985)
– Bonus Game: God of War 8bit

Game Trivia: Spartan X was based on the Jackie Chan movie ‘Wheels on Meals.’ The movie was also known as Spartan X in Japan.

It’s time to challenge you all again! Do you know these games?

Game 1:

This is the sequel to a game with one of the funniest characters. It wasn’t very popular back in the day and was one of those 2D games gone 3D.


Game 2:

This game must have one of the best visual displays of a nuke going off. An RTS game where everything can be destroyed!


Game 3:

At first I didn’t think I would enjoy this game, but once I figured out how it really worked I was hooked. Sad we never saw a sequel to this.


Game 4:

I just know this is going to be an easy one. I remember back in the day when I bought this and then a couple weeks later I got another copy with a graphics card I bought. So I own two copies of this game (same here! – Ed).


Bonus Game:

This sound was taken from one of the games in an action horror game series… but which one? (check your volume!)

Do you have any good memories of these games? Good luck and let us know if you can identify any of them.