Xbox LIVE warnings issued as limited service problems affect Xbox One and Xbox 360

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Reports are appearing that Xbox LIVE is slowly returning back to regular functionality, but Xbox hasn’t yet updated its service page. Can you get online on Xbox LIVE?

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Microsoft has issued another series of Xbox LIVE warnings related to its various services today, with Xbox One and Xbox 360 online features affected by network outages.


Xbox LIVE Warnings

Earlier today, Microsoft warned Xbox 360 and Xbox One players that regular Xbox LIVE access to games including Grand Theft Auto V and Call of Duty: Ghosts would be affected by issues currently being experienced on Microsoft’s network, but the team has recently updated its warnings to include problems with accessing game features, joining other Xbox LIVE members in online games, retrieving cloud storage data, and posting to leaderboards.

Other services, like purchasing downloadable content, are also affected while a period of scheduled maintenance is causing issues in Forza 5 on Xbox One, for example.

We’ll update here when it looks at though Microsoft has cleared up the problems affecting Xbox LIVE today – can you get onto the service and play games as usual on Xbox 360 or Xbox One?

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