Ted Price and Insomniac celebrate 20th anniversary with excellent grunge-inspired music video

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Distruptor. Spyro the Dragon. Ratchet and Clank. Resistance.

Insomniac Games has created some amazing games and classic franchises since the studio was formed in 1994, and to celebrate twenty years of staying in business through thick and thin, Ted Price and the rest of the developers have recorded an excellent (and amazingly well produced) music video inspired by the dominant music genre at the time of the company’s birth – grunge.

In the video, Price and co. go through the studio’s history of games, and they even include a story spoiler for Resistance. Notably, Fuse isn’t mentioned. Awesome and hilarious, you shouldn’t miss this:

Crazy Ride – Insomniac Games (20th Anniversary)

Which of Insomniac’s games have you enjoyed the most over the years and are you looking forward to the team’s Xbox One exclusive, Sunset Overdrive?

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