GDC 2014: Sony unveils PS4 VR headset prototype

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Virtual reality gaming has made a major comeback in recent years thanks to initiatives such as Oculus Rift so it was only a matter of time before a platform holder like Sony introduced their own VR device.

Yesterday at the ongoing Game Developers Conference in San Francisco Sony Computer Entertainment held a special press event where it unveiled a PS4 VR headset prototype codenamed Project Morpheus. This VR prototype requires the PlayStation Camera to track head orientation and movement, and can be used in conjunction with the DualShock 4 or PlayStation Move controller.

The device consists of a 1080p panel that delivers 960×1080 pixels to each eye for stereoscopic 3D and features a 90 degree field of view. Project Morpheus also utilises Sony’s new 3D audio technology that recreates stereoscopic sounds in all directions and updates in real-time depending on the player’s head orientation.

Sony has been working on Project Morpheus for over three years and the latest prototype will serve as the first development kit for PS4 developers interested in creating VR content for the console.

Stay tuned to El33tonline for more Project Morpheus updates as Sony gets closer to finalising the retail model of this promising VR device.

Source: PlayStation Blog

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