Papo & Yo developer announces new experimental game, Cali

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Say what you will about the gameplay density of the PlayStation 3-exclusive puzzle game, Papo & Yo, but Minority Media and creative director Vander Caballero were able to craft a rich and emotionally engaging game that told an incredibly heartfelt tale about the relationship between a father and son, and the tragic consequences of alcoholism on a family, all told through basic interactions between a boy and a friendly, but ultimately cruel monster.

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- 2012′s Papo & Yo

In a Game Developers Conference panel this week, Caballero has announced the team’s next game, Cali, which according to reports will deal with the subject of a human falling in love with an artificially intelligent avatar.

The game seems to have been financed by the Canada Media Fund, which has contributed $676, 282 towards the project, described on the fund’s official website thus:

“Set in an advanced civilization long before the Conquistadors arrived in the Amazon, Cali is an adventure game developed for iOS, Android and the Cloud. It tells the story of Massi, a teenager caught up with his peers for the Sacred Rite, a centuries-old tradition that sends the strongest adolescent boys to the Second Sun.

“In a tragic mix of circumstances, Massi is separated from the group. As Massi, players will navigate to the Second Sun with the help of Cali, a beautiful and mysterious creature called a pixan, with features of both a majestic butterfly and shy human girl. And while Cali is the secret to Massi’s future success, there is a deadly reason why she cannot, or will not, help.”

Cali is classed in the ‘experimental’ category on the Canada Media Fund website and seems to continue Minority Media’s push towards the ever-growing ‘empathy’ genre of games, as seen in titles like ‘Papers, Please’ and ‘Cart Life.’

If you want to get a few clues about the kinds of methods that Minority Media might use in Cali to make the game as powerful as its previous project, read El33tonline’s review of Papo & Yo over here, written by John Tidwell.

What did you think of Papo & Yo? Was it a case of style over substance or did you enjoy the tale told in the game?

Source: Canada Media Fund Website via AllGamesBeta

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