Dark Souls Too? You may not understand it, but this Deep Down video looks amazing

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As the gaming world was plunged into a new Dark Age recently with the release of Dark Souls 2 last week, fans of the Souls series were finally able to once again drink deeply from a new ‘Cup of Punishment’ that developer From Software has sent around its congregation, welcoming new and veteran members alike.

What’s all this talk about Dark Souls 2 when we should ostensibly be discussing Deep Down, a free-to-play action RPG exclusive to PlayStation 4? Well, here’s the deal: To my un-tuned eyes, and judging by the information released by Capcom surrounding the game, Deep Down is shaping up to be extraordinarily similar to Dark Souls.

Is this entirely the case?

Deep Down in Precedent

Of course, Capcom released Dragon’s Dogma in 2012 (followed by an expansion in 2013), which held its own unique charms and gameplay eccentricities, but anyone who has played a Souls game will tell you how vastly different the two series really are – will Capcom try to more closely mimic Dark Souls with Deep Down?

Whatever the case, judging by the new Deep Down footage below, it’s looking pretty darn amazing while taking good advantage of the title’s exclusive PS4 development to squeeze the power out of the hardware – while you may not understand the excited gesticulations from Capcom producer Yoshinori Ono, you’ll definitely be able to appreciate the visuals on show:

Deep Down – Japanese Creator’s Talk

Deep Down is scheduled for release in 2014 – do you have place in your heart (and life, with patience to spare) for another third-person dungeon crawling RPG?

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