EA Sports UFC gameplay trailer features wince-worthy realism

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If you’ve ever watched a particularly vicious boxing match or mixed martial arts fight (or maybe you just watch a lot of action movies with realistic fight scenes), then you’ll be very familiar with the psychological trauma your mind is put through when witnessing a flat fist being buried into someone’s face… or seeing a lunging knee crash into someone’s face… or looking on in horror as a sharp elbow is jammed into someone’s the face… a lot of face related injuries in fighting, I guess.

You yourself might not be getting punched and otherwise destroyed by limbs being flung at you, but your mind can imagine it, sending a ripple through your brain and into your own face resulting in an involuntary grimace or wince, making you look like Gilbert Gottfried or French Stewart for fleeting split-seconds.

It can be tough watching a fight even when it’s in a controlled environment, so you’ll want to think twice about taking in the latest EA Sports UFC gameplay trailer – you can still tell it’s a videogame, obviously, but the team at EA Sports Canada have been able to squeeze a lot of realism and physical simulation into the MMA fighting game to make the scraps look all to genuine:

EA SPORTS UFC – Gameplay Series: Feel The Fight

Here’s how EA Sports describes the action:

“Shockwaves ripple through an opponent’s body after a powerful strike, muscles flex and bodies contort as a submission hold tightens, and bodies breathe, bruise and bleed as the fight goes on – all in real time. With the most realistic damage in any fighting game, not every win will be pretty and sometimes it hurts, even when you come out on top.”

Pretty accurate.

EA Sports UFC is out in the ‘Spring’ of 2014, exclusively on Xbox One and PlayStation 4 – catch up on the game with a collection of the latest screenshots and previous trailers in our continued coverage, and find out which of your favourite fighters are included in the playable roster so far over here.

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