The price of PS4 hardware and games is increasing in Canada, too

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South African videogame distributor Ster Kinekor Entertainment announced last week that the price of the PlayStation 4 and related hardware had been raised while “a consistent flow of consoles” for the country has been promised. The updated price list may not reflect a major difference for the cost of the console itself, but accessories like an extra controller or the PS4 camera are prohibitively expensive at R1000 each.

The price of the PS4, accessories and games are also set to increase in Canada, according to a report on the Toronto Sun, as Sony Computer Entertainment Canada confirmed that the console itself will become $50CA more expensive (increasing to $449.99CA) while a controller and camera will increase by $5CA, to $64.99CA each.

SCEC says that the price increases are a response to “changes in the market environment,” while PS4 units have become difficult to find at retail and have sold out at most stores across Canada. The Xbox One, the Toronto Sun notes, is still “readily available.”

The price of PS4 games also rose earlier this year increasing by $5CA to $64.99CA, while SCEC has confirmed that Infamous: Second Son and MLB 14: The Show will both be $69.99CA on release, which may be a sign of things to come for the country.

What do you think of the increasing prices for PS4 hardware and games in Canada, South Africa and elsewhere? Do you think the prices will drop down again or stabilise higher than before?

Source: The Toronto Sun

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