What does this enormous CoD: Ghosts patch on PS4 actually do? Not much?

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As spotted by MP1st, a very large patch for the PlayStation 4 version of Call of Duty: Ghosts has recently been set live, but there’s not a lot of information surrounding what it does save for a single note from Infinity Ward.


The 1.7GB patch for Ghosts on PS4 is said to address the following:

“Fixed a crash that could occur at the start screen, if you started downloading Onslaught before launching the game”

Is that all that the patch does? Surely not, but according to Activision support on Reddit, there are no more details to share on the purpose of the patch at this time. The support staff wrote:

“Unfortunately we don’t have information on why the patches are the sizes that they are. Most of the details are included in the patch notes, I know the notes released today were a bit small, we’re sorry to say we wouldn’t have the full details as to why a patch focused on stability was so large.

“All patches, and patch notes are released by the studio, Infinity Ward. We apologize you’ve had to download so many files lately, multiplayer on Ghosts is one of the most popular features in the game, the development studio releases updates to help improve its performance.

“File size varies by platform, PS4 and Xbox One will typically be larger than its predecessors since their hardware differs from the previous generation platforms. Newer consoles are able to handle more, be it improved graphics, or even support for Ground war, so when patches/games are released for these newer platforms more data is required.”


If I was to hazard a guess, a patch of that size means that the team has replaced assets for the game including textures, models or sound files – were a collection of Onslaught assets causing crashing issues in Ghosts on PS4?

Have you been having crashing troubles in Call of Duty: Ghosts?

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