Neon soaked inFamous: Second Son gameplay video proves that haters, indeed, gonna’ hate

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By now, you know whether or not you’ll be playing inFamous: Second Son next week. The game is out on March 21st around the world – only seven days from the time of these words being written – and is exclusive to PlayStation 4 – a console that requires a not-insignificant investment before you get to claim one in order to play games on it.

So what I’m saying to you is that there’s a small margin of time between this very moment, and the launch of inFamous: Second Son next week, with something of a barrier between you and the game should you not have already actively decided that you will be playing it next week.

I’m not saying that if you’re still undecided about your potential Second Son playing future that there’s no chance that you will be sitting in front of a screen next week jumping and diving around the world of Seattle while letting loose fiery punches and neon-soaked explosions… but the time is drawing near for that decision to take place.

Let us help you make that decision with eight minutes of non-spoilery gameplay syphoned directly from inFamous: Second Son, which you can watch and enjoy below:

inFamous: Second Son – Official Preview Gameplay

inFamous: Second Son is out on March 21st around the world, exclusively on PlayStation 4.

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