Alien: Isolation dev diary discusses giving the alien the freedom to hunt you

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“Alien: Isolation is about encounters that are meaningful and terrifying… even when the alien isn’t on screen, you’ll be terrified by the thought that it’ll be around the next corner – it’s a game where you’ll never feel safe.”

– Al Hope, Alien: Isolation Creative Lead


That pretty much sums up precisely the thoughts, feelings and fears your mind will be wrought with while creeping through the corridors of the Sevastopol, a remote trading post floating in the furthest reaches of space that you as Amanda Ripley have been tasked with investigating in Alien: Isolation.

Except you’re definitely not the only one aboard the vessel, because other than the chance of meeting up with a few Synthetics (AKA an androids), there is something else stalking your movements: A single, solitary Xenomorph.

Throwing Away the Script

Taking its cues from the original Alien movie, Alien: Isolation will pit you against the frightful strength, intelligence and cunning of only one alien, but as opposed to other games where the movements and appearances of this enemy might be predictable, in Creative Assembly and SEGA’s first-person horror game the Xenomorph’s tactics will change according to how you approach the game – other than perhaps the odd scripted sequence here and there, the alien can appear and attack at any time during the game.

In the developer interview below, you can hear about how the team at Creative Assembly is trying to ensure that you’ll always be thinking about your next encounter with the alien, and how you’ll survive:

Alien: Isolation – Developer Diary:”Creating The Alien”

Alien: Isolation is out on Xbox One, PlayStation 4, PC, Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 in late 2014. In the meantime, keep your eyes peeled and look through El33tonlineā€™s previous and continued coverage of the first-person horror action adventure game for more.

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