What is Angry Birds Epic? Rovio brings turn-based RPG action to its famous franchise

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It wasn’t too long ago that Rovio Entertainment (they of Angry Birds fame and fortune) began teasing an all-new Angry Birds themed game in a brief trailer (included below), arriving as a ‘soft launch’ first in Australia and Canada.

The Finnish studio has since revealed what it’s got hidden under its proverbial helmet with the announcement of Angry Birds Epic, a turn-based role-playing game starring the company’s world conquering characters.


According to a report on Kotaku, Angry Birds Epic is RPG not only in theme, but in mechanics as well, with an extensive item, weapon and equipment crafting system planned alongside a story-driven campaign. Naturally, you’ll be able to use real-world currency to purchase resources to craft items, but these selfsame resources can be earned in the game, too.

Angry Birds Epic is out this week on iTunes in Canada and New Zealand as a ‘soft launch,’ with a fully formed and finished version of the game available around the world later this year on mobile platforms including iOS, Android and Windows Phone 8.


If you missed the excellent teaser earlier this week, we’ve included it below:

Angry Birds Epic – Teaser Trailer

Are you ready for a brand new way to play with the Angry Birds? Or are you content with simply flicking the flock of fowl at the dastardly pigs with a slingshot?

Source: Kotaku

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