Media Create Japanese Software Sales for week ending March 9th: Soul Sacrifice Delta off to a disappointing start

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March is typically a very busy time of the year for new videogame releases in the West but the latest Media Create software chart reveals that just two new titles were released in Japan during the past week. First-placed Soul Sacrifice Delta managed to sell 48 786 copies during its first four days at retail which isn’t particularly high considering how popular and successful the original Soul Sacrifice was at a time when the PS Vita’s install base was a lot lower.

Meanwhile, the latest entry in Gust’s Surge Concerto RPG series claimed fifth spot with 27 037 copies shifted during its first four days on sale. Ar nosurge ~A Song that Prays for a Planet Being Born~ is a continuation of the 2012 PS Vita release Ciel nosurge and also serves as a prequel to the Ar tonelico series for PS2 and PS3.

Here are the ten best-selling titles during the past week:

  • [NEW] Soul Sacrifice Delta (Sony Computer Entertainment) – PS Vita – 48 786
  • Youkai Watch (Level-5) – 3DS – 36 018
  • Dragon Quest Monsters 2 (Square Enix) – 3DS – 31 157
  • Harvest Moon: Linking The New World (Marvelous AQL) – 3DS – 29 514
  • [NEW] Ar nosurge ~A Song that Prays for a Planet Being Born~ (Gust) – PS3 – 27 037
  • Fossil Fighters: Infinite Gear (Nintendo) – 3DS – 22 210
  • Yakuza: Ishin! (Sega) – PS3 – 19 808
  • Knack (Sony Computer Entertainment) – PS4 – 17 272
  • Kirby: Triple Deluxe (Nintendo) – 3DS – 14 108
  • Pokémon X and Y (Pokemon Co.) – 3DS – 10 708

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Source: Media Create

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