Jetpack Joyride developer’s latest game pits Bears VS. Art

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Did you know that bears are usually very relaxed, docile creatures, but when they’re matched up against their natural enemies they transform into rolling, rampaging balls of furious fur and clashing claws?

It’s true, and in what can only be described as a stylised video biography, the developers at Halfbrick Games (Jetpack Joyride, Fruit Ninja) have documented the eternal fight between these cuddly creatures and their arch-rival, the pretentious world of ‘Art.’


So… maybe Halfbrick’s latest game, Bears VS Art, isn’t quite as dramatic as all that, but the debut story trailer paints a grim picture for the state of the bear’s natural habitat as a ‘sneedy’ millionaire replaces the creature’s home with an art gallery filled to bursting with snooty art lovers.

Just look at them (in the trailer):

Bears vs. Art – Debut Story Trailer

But what do you actually do in Bears VS Art? At its heart, it’s a puzzle game where you’re able to send the bear rolling in multiple directions on a mission to destroy as many art pieces as possible:

“Watch out for lasers, spikes, bumbling security guards, art-snatching thieves and more surprises. Who knew art galleries could be so hazardous?” writes Halfbrick.

Watch a few puzzles being solved in the gameplay video below:

Bears VS Art is currently available on iOS for free in select regions, with a worldwide release to follow soon – let us know what you think of it if you get a chance to give it (and the bear) a spin.

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