Brainteaser Thursday: Guess the Game for March 13th

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Hello there, children! I mean gamers! I know some of us are having a busy week, or maybe you’re having a very relaxed week? Either way, it’s time for Guess the Game, your favourite game show… well, it’s not really a ‘show,’ but rather just a game where we test your gaming knowledge!

Let’s take a look at the answers to last week’s tests:

– 1. Battle Beast (1995)
– 2. Soldier of Fortune (2000)
– 3. Shellshock 2: Blood Trails (2009)
– 4. Driver (1999)
– Bonus Game: GLaDOS from Portal 2 (2011)

Congrats to all those who guessed some of the games correctly! Now it’s time to take a look at this week’s Guess the Game challenge – some of these are really old school:

Game 1:

This was a really fun FPS game. The weapon of choice were snowballs and you had to fight off those evil turkeys and discover what is behind the invasion.


Game 2:

I wonder what ever happened to this game. I have spent countless hours playing this and I wonder if we will ever see a modern version again.


Game 3:

Now this game was really awesome. When I was little, I always thought the main character that you played as was Jackie Chan, because Jackie Chan played Thomas in a couple of movies at the time and the character’s name was Thomas.


Game 4:

This game was so much fun when challenging your friends or play co-op. This was what we played back in the day before World of Tanks came along.


Bonus Game:

Normally for the ‘Bonus Game’ we use a sound effect, but it’s time we tried something different: This is a modern game that has been ‘demade’ into an 8-bit classic. Can you figure out what the modern game is?


Have you any great memories of these games? Good luck with your guesses!