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The launch of Titanfall is finally upon us, with the game due out in North America tomorrow, March 11th, and then later this week on March 14th in Europe, the UK and other regions (except for South Africa…). To mark the occasion, and because we won’t have a chance to review the game for ourselves in the near future, we’ve done something we’ve never done before: A review round-up! Of sorts…

Below you’ll find a selection of five reviews and impressions pieces we’ve picked from around Mother Internet, accompanied by snippets of text by their authors. Some of the selected text is from impressions pieces rather than full reviews, but you should definitely click through to read the entire articles to get the full picture and the authors’ full opinions.

Polygon – Score: 9/10

Arthur Gies writes:

“Titanfall is the rare game that feels like it came out on top of the few compromises Respawn has had to make. Sliding the spectacle and holy s*** moments of an epic campaign among bold, fast multiplayer that steals unlikely elements, Respawn has made them shine like they belonged there all along.

“Titanfall may not mark the same kind of sea change that Modern Warfare started but the pieces are all there in a game that delivers on its potential as the next big thing.”

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Giant Bomb – Score: 4/5)

Jeff Gerstmann writes:

“Titanfall is a very specific game built for a specific type of person. When you add it all up, the list of available content and the various options for speccing out your pilot feel light, and that might make this game a little hard to swallow at $60. But getting into these wild situations and shooting your way out of them feels fresh and fun in a way that the other shooters on the market don’t.

“If you like the basic form but need more of a twist on how you move and how you shoot, Titanfall’s core action is extremely satisfying, which makes it a little easier to overlook the lack of available modes.”

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CVG – Score: 9/10

Chris Schilling writes:

“Thrillingly chaotic and expertly tuned,Titanfall is a fairly orthodox FPS elevated to greatness by dozens of intelligent design choices. One-note? Perhaps. But what a note.”

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Joystiq – Score: 4.5/5

Ludwig Kietzmann writes:

“When it’s not all a clash of the you-know-whats, when there’s a volatile mix of scampering boots and earth-rattling bipeds on the battlefield, Titanfall truly excels. It subsists on imbalance and the race to bear big arms first. It feeds on the fallout that results when equality means the other guy gets a robot too. Titanfall isn’t tuned to perfection for everyone yet, but it starts as a smart, swift and startling movement in well-traveled space.”

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VG247: Impressions Piece

Sam Clay writes:

“It may have a throwaway story and and a few technical issues, but Titanfall is still a first-person shooter that pushes the genre forward.”

“Get involved. You’ll look back on the day where you first played Titanfall. You’ll remember the first time you ejected over your Titan and crashed back into the battlefield. Titanfall is a game that inspires stories and you’ll shortly have your own to tell.”

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Will you be jumping into Titanfall this week?

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