Brainteaser Friday: Guess the Game for March 7th

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It’s time once again to put your thinking caps on and try and figure out this week’s games in the latest Guess the Game!

Last week I think I made it too easy… or too difficult… you can decide by looking over the answers to last week’s challenge:

– 1. Billy the Kid Returns! (PC DOS – 1993)
– 2. Far Cry Instincts: Predator (Xbox 360 – 2006)
– 3. Myth: The Fallen Lords (PC – 1997)
– 4. Viva PiƱata (Xbox 360 – 2006)
– Bonus: Sony PSP boot Sound

Congratulations to all that guessed most of the games, but now let us go into this week’s challenge – they’re a little bit easier than last week:

Game 1:

This game was really difficult to figure out. It took me a while to figure out the controls and had one of the coolest intro movies.


Game 2:

This was the first FPS game that introduced dismemberment. You could shoot the guys arm off and then his leg.


Game 3:

This game was really challenging on ‘Hard’ and one of the few games I got all the achievements for. It also had some of the hardest zombies to kill.


Game 4:

I got this game when my mom bought me my first AMD gaming PC. It was also my first open-world driving game and I spent hours trying to get some good air in San Francisco.


Bonus Game:

This sound was taken from one of the coolest games ever made. I just recently completed the co-op of this game and now I am planning on replaying the main story again (check that volume!):

Do you know these games? Any of them bring back some good memories? Let us know, and good Luck!