Abyss Odyssey is the next game from Zeno Clash developer, ACE Team

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ACE Team, the creative studio behind twisted and imaginative games like Zeno Clash and Rock of Ages, has formally announced its next game and while it at first seems like quite a departure from the developer’s previous titles, there are a few familiar elements for fans of their creations to enjoy, too.


Called Abyss Odyssey (which sounds very similar to another game…), the game is a 2D side-scrolling brawler that will see three warriors journey through towns, dungeons and down into the titular abyss on a quest to defeat “a great evil [that] awaits at the bottom of the pit.” Menacingly, ACE Team writes that “succeed or die, the warriors will have to battle the abyss for eternity…” A chilling fate indeed.

Levels in Abyss Odyssey are randomly generated and populated with monsters to make the game “infinitely replayable,” and what makes the game more interesting is that it’s no mere brawler – each enemy is said to have a complex set of moves, similar to a technical fighting game, while each of the three warriors are also imbued with their own special moveset. Additionally, when defeated each enemy can be possessed and controlled in order to use their skills in different areas of the game.

Abyss Odyssey has been announced for PC, Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 with more details promised in the future, but for now enjoy the debut screenshots and gameplay footage below to hear ACE Team’s trio of brothers (and co-founders) further explain the game:

Abyss Odyssey – Debut Trailer

Abyss Odyssey – Debut Screenshots




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