The Division screenshots showcase an expansive world and innovative HUD

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Are we desperate for new details on The Division? Are we willing to post up a measly two screenshots for Ubisoft’s incredible sounding open-world action game just to feel a little more connected with the promising ‘true next-gen’ game?

Yes. And yes.

With rumours doing the rounds regarding the game’s delay into 2015, and a slow release of previous screenshots and an impressive technology demo last year, there’s not been a whole bunch of news on The Division, but the latest images to escape developer Ubisoft Massive showcase the game’s detailed world and an innovative heads-up display system (click to enlarge… minimally):



That second screenshot shows how Massive will potentially solve the problem of intrusive HUD elements, similar to Ubisoft’s own Splinter Cell series and even Dead Space, with data projected out into and onto the world to show objectives and ammo count, for example.

Even with the limited information, are you looking forward to Ubisoft’s The Division or will Watch Dogs be enough of a near-future open-world action game for you in 2014?

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