Debut Killzone: Shadow Fall map pack now available free of charge

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In January Guerrilla Games lifted the lid on Killzone: Shadow Fall’s first pair of complimentary multiplayer maps - The Cruiser and The Hangar. These maps are now available to download from the PlayStation Store free of charge and the DLC will take up 1.1GB of storage space on your PS4.

Both maps are inspired by memorable locations from Killzone: Shadow Fall’s single-player campaign and are fully compatible with the game’s Custom Warzone feature. The new map pack’s official description reads as follows:

“Prepare yourself for tense close-quarters combat when you enter the dark, claustrophobic corridors of a decommissioned ISA ship in The Cruiser. And watch out for snipers when you set foot in the wide-open spaces of The Hangar, a transport bay on one of Helghan’s enormous mining spires.”



Even if you don’t own Killzone: Shadow Fall you can still play these maps as Guerrilla Games is running a free multiplayer access week for the game that doesn’t require PlayStation Plus to participate in. The free access period ends at 11pm GMT on Tuesday, March 11th so be sure to download the 13GB client from the PlayStation Store to join in on the action.

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