33 Was Everywhere in February: Who had the best sighting last month?

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Last month we kicked off (what we hope is) a fun contest to challenge the community to be on the look out for the magical number ’33’ in their everyday lives. If you don’t find yourself out in the world very often, then creatively manifesting the number is also a welcome method of entering.

Your potential reward for submitting the best photo? A voucher for Xbox LIVE, PlayStation Network or Steam!

Nine of El33tonline’s friends and regular readers submitted a total of twenty-seven photos for February’s contest, all of which perfectly demonstrated how prevalent 33 really is in our everyday lives – in our food, our Gamerscores, on our dashboards, on signs, in books, moments in time… 33 is everywhere.

Who had the best sighting in February, though?

El33tonline in Minecraft: MacDeath ZA's Twitter Pic

– Image by Gian-Paolo Buffo

Brendon Bosch sent through no less than eight photos to reveal his sightings for the month of February, but it’s the very first photo in the gallery below that has won him the voucher – it perfectly encapsulates the spirit of the competition and it’s clear that Brendon had 33 on his mind when his brain stitched these two separate numbers together into one magical combination. Congratulations Brendon!

Flick through a gallery of the images Brendon sent through last month, and then continue on down below to see the rest of the entries – they’re all terrific, thanks to everybody for submitting their photos last month!

Brendon Bosch – Gallery – 33 is Everywhere Photos for February

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Aiden Kew

Aidan Kew - Twitter

Bronwin October

Bronwin October - Facebook

Christiaan Joubert

Christiaan Joubert - FB 1

Christiaan Joubert - FB 2

Christiaan Joubert - FB 3

Garth Stuurman

Garth Stuurman - Twitter 1

Garth Stuurman - Twitter 2

Garth Stuurman - Twitter 3

(Mathematics required.)

Mathew Clarke

Mat Clarke - Twitter 1

Mat Clarke - Twitter 3

Mat Clarke - Twitter 2

Mat Clarke - Twitter 4

Nanke Supra

Nanke Supra - Facebook 1

Nanke Supra - Facebook 3

Nanke Supra - Facebook 2

Sahil Lala

Sahil Lala - FB

Zhameer Hashim

Zhameer Hashim - Twitter 1

Zhameer Hashim - Twitter 3

Zhameer Hashim - Twitter 2

We’re going to continue the ’33 is Everywhere’ contest in March, and you can get submitting right away by following the guidelines over here – if you submitted a photo in February, you are allowed to resubmit one of your photos for the March contest, so choose wisely!

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